A key component of vehicle ownership is a concept known as residual value. Residual value is knowing how much your vehicle will be worth after a set number of years of ownership. Residual value is a concern primarily of people who purchase new vehicles and want to have an idea of what the vehicle will be worth in the future.

This report published by Kelly Blue Book highlights the residual value of nearly every new vehicle in the marketplace and identified those vehicles and brands that stand out as having a higher than average residual value than comparable vehicles or brands.

There are some surprises and a lot of non-surprises. The Jeep Wrangler had the highest residual value of any vehicle in the study, retaining 55% of its value after 5 years. Once Chrysler moved the Wrangler to a larger platform a few years ago, popularity for the vehicle soared. The larger platform (and the addition of a 4-door version) made the vehicle more attractive to buyers and helped to boost the residual value.

The brand with the highest residual value was Toyota. Duh. No surprise there. Toyota has been a brand with high residual value for a long time, built on their consistent quality and popularity among vehicle buyers.

The report breaks down the multiple brands, vehicles and nameplates and the residual value for most vehicles in the marketplace.